Blesson's strategy is based on a long-term vision that consists of finding precisely the right balance between growth and competitiveness in order to create value for all its customers, staffs and shareholders. 

 We promote our growth by : ​
- Aggressively implementing a strong product innovation and brand differentiation policy ;
- Deploying a clear and well-segmented approach by country and reinforcing its presence in all existing customers and channels in the world, to ensure the most extensive coverage of target market and taking into account specific local features ;  
- Continuing its unique international expansion in both mature and emerging markets, while looking to establish local leadership, or, at least, to significantly improve its competitive position in the market ;
- Maintaining its competitiveness over time by strict control over all operating costs, simplification of structures and reduction of the number of stock keeping units operated by the company, pooling of support services through shared services centres and clusters, reduction of purchase costs – whether industrial, linked to sourced products or non-production costs, in the context of an extended scope year after year – and monitoring of working capital requirements .